Anyone know of a 1/16" Plexiglass source?


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Hey guys (and gals)! Does anyone know where (online) you can purchase 1/16" thick colored Plexiglas in various-sized sheets?

Specifically, I'm looked for something around the size of 8" x 18" sheets in red, green, and smoke/charcoal/black colors.

I can easily find 1/8" thick colored Plexi, just not 1/16". I will be using these for replacement lenses in various helmets. I know alot of people use 1/8" Plexi, but I've had really good results with the 1/16" and would like to stick with it, if at all possible.

Any leads would be appreciated! :D

or 1-800-824-5551

This is the factory distributor and you can get what ever you want in "big sheets" or they can give you some of there retailers. They will send you free samples that are 1/8 thick upon request. I've never had a problem with them.
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