Anyone had Problems Using Reefer Yellow on Armor

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Hello all,

Just a quick question if anyone has had experience using Reefer Yellow as per the RS colour list in the helmet thread? I was trying to paint my shoulder bells last night and noticed that the paint (at least my bottle) was very thin.

I used up 1/4 ounce (plus thinner) painting one bell and you can still see the chrome underneath. I was spraying it on evenly and light to prevent runs. It looks like it will take at least another 1/4 ounce + thinner. :eek:

This seems like a lot to me. Especially since the US Med Green went on a lot nicer. I mean I painted everything but my backplate with 3/4 ounce + distilled water.

I was wondering if this colour is just that thin and it will take that much paint or maybe I got a bad patch. I was thinking of not even thinning the paint for the second coat but I am not even sure that will help out much.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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I went through the same thing. I think it's just a property of that particular paint. I layed mine on pretty thick over a time and it came out looking good. You won't really notice how thick it is once you get a flat coat on top of it.

Hope that makes you feel better!

I used almost a 1 full oz. of the reefer Yellow on my bells + the thinner. Remember you'll also be hitting them with the UP armor yellow also a little as well.

FYI..... Plan on at least a full 1oz. on the knees as well... ;)

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