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ESB Pouches

So, how many are there. At first I thought there were 6 then I thought there were 8, now I just looked at the pic on the online reference cd named Boba_Fett_012 and it looks like there's 7(3 on his right and 4 on his left)!!! Can anyone clear this up? I'm working on my pouches right now and am very curious.
Boba has 8 pouches. In some pics (ESB and Pre-Pro) Fett has all 8 but some have been rearranged to the sides and back. The pouches just loop over the belt, so you can put them on however you like. I made my own which ended up a little on the thick side, so I ware mine with 7 in the front (like Jango) and one extra around the back.
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I'm pretty sure the ESB Fett (final film version) has only 7 pouches. Three on the right (one with snap) and four on the left (two with snaps). It is true that 8 pouches appear on some of the Pre-pro suits, but I have found no pic that supports an eighth pouch on the ESB suit--I've even checked the rear of the costume in the Torturing Han scene.

Have a pic to support 8 pouches in ESB? I haven't seen one yet.
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On the right three pouches, the middle pouch has the snap.

On the left four pouches, the first one in the front and last pouch have the snaps (middle two, no snaps).

You can see two of the snaps in this pic. The third is on the last pouch just out of range on the the left side.

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Are there any diagrams/patterns for the pouches?

I'm having my mom sew the thigh pouches and belt there a diagram or anything I can give her? She's having a little trouble doing it just from reference pics.
Thanks but that doesn't really show anything extra...the ref shots are just as good if not better. What I need is something that shows how it is layed out before being sewn together. Like this!

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I just made a square and then pinched the corners off diagonally. The covers I made second and used a size that looked good.
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On the same site where you got the pattern there is an alternate way to make it as I believe that is what LF is refering to. Beware that the pattern actually turns out larger than the ones you'll see on the reference CD. I used that exact pattern with th modificaiton of making the flap second to fit like Lisa. You then will have two plaps one on top/bottom. You can then lay your belt in the middle and glue the flaps snug to fit your specific belt. I used Heavy vinyl that had a leather texture, vinyl spray paint to the color I wanted and glued around a foam block. With the top flap you can paint, then hand stitch the detail and glue it on. People that have looked at mine think its leather till they pick it up and look closly. I made the belt out of the heavy vinyl by cutting it 6 inches then contact cementing it over on itself. Total cost less than 18 bucks.
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I was only referring to the thigh pouches. The belt boxes, I made up a pattern that was sort of like the diagram above, except that one is too skinny front to back, and the front flap is too short.
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I tried using the pattern above and found that it is a little small. The flap needs to be extended. It works good for a pattern but is not 100% accurate if you are going for that.

The thigh pouches are fairly easy to fabricate without pattern.
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