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I bought a yard of vinyl at the local Hancock Fabrics store for $4.99. It was more than enough for the 8 pouches. I used foamcore as a "shell", then glued the vinyl onto it with a good fabric glue that sets in about 15 seconds (not much room for error!). The flaps seal with Velcro. For the amount that I spent on them, I'm happy! :D
Has anyone tried the project using the thicker leather? I know it'll look better, but I'm just wondering on a scale from 1-10 how hard a project is it? I'm all for accuracy, but I have to think about my poor fingers too!
Even if the sewing machine won't sew the leather, if it will at least punch a hole through it, it will be easy to sew by hand, the holes will be evenly spaced and it will be easy to push the needle through it.
I have the blueprints for the ammo belt, but I'm not sure what type of material to buy. WHat type, and where to buy it, if anyone knows.
well, i used some brown vinyl i found at walmart, and used the diagram from OBwans academy. They look pretty darn nice. If i actually had a server that would post pics, i would post them.
I used vinyl also for my first set of ammo pouches and they do look good. They are a little hard to weather and are thin but if you are on a budget, they would work fine. The good thing about vinyl is, it is real easy to work with. You could also go with a thinner grade of leather from Tandy. The leather glue works real good on the thin leather and it is real easy to form. Being the picky person that YOU ALL made me, I ordered some of the thicker stuff for my new ammo pouches but haven't tackled that project yet.
I used leather for both the pouches and the belt. The belt was a kind of brainstorm, I used a thin leather that I was able to sew on the sewing machine (the rectangular portion on the back) and then I glued the thinner leather to thicker leather to give it some weight. To fasten the belt on the back, I used two picture hooks from Homedepot. The hooks were a heavy duty hook that was round at the top, and had the hook portion at the bottom
. The hook is put on the underside and hooks into the holes on the other side
I also went with the vinyl and I am very happy with the way it came out!
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