Air brush tips?


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So I got this air brush thing that I don't know how to work. I played with it today and got it working but could use a few tips on this subject. Whats the best paint to used for Boba Fett(brand names)? Any thing will do since I have no idea whats going on with it.
The best paint? hmmmm dont know about that one I just use testors model paint and mix it on a piece of cardboard untill I get the right color then I mix it in a glass jar depending on how much I'm going to need.

The airbrish paint to thinner ratio is 3 parts thinner to one part paint, you have to really thin it out or the gun gets cloged up.
since its on topic, whats a good airbrush model? I had one about five years ago, god knows what happened to it, i could really use that thing now. I remember the air compressor being loud as hell, how noisy are new ones these days?

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