Air Compressors


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Hi guys,
I've landed on the iWata Eclipse HP-CS Air Brush as my weapon of choice. I've been looking at Air Compressors and was curious what everyone on here thinks? I'm looking at the "iWata Ninja Jet Compressor" (MSRP 149.99) and also the "Master Airbrush Model TC-40T" (also MSRP of $149.99). I'm looking to spend around the $149.99 price point - though I know you can get crazier! I'm also open to any other suggestions.



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This is what I use. I use it for a lot of other things too. It has a pressure regulator on it, so I turn it down when using the air brush. It just depends on if you are going to need an air compressor for other things. They do come in quite handy and these are more versatile. I got mine for around your price range.