Acrylic airbrushing above Rustoleum Enamel.


Hello everyone.
I painted my Bobamaker ESB Gaunts with a base layer of Rustoleum's Enamel Aluminium Color as first layer to start painting above of, so I can do some scratches through Maskol.
Thing is, when I painted over it, the acrylic wouldnt stick to the surface. I rubbed the surface of the gaunt with a piece of toilet paper and after that the acrylic could fix itself onto the surface.
However, I'm spotting some cracking after it dries.
I applied 2 layers of Spray can Rustoleum, with 30 mins of difference each, arround 48 hours before airbrushing the acrylic.
I used Rustoleum as base since it was cheaper and quicker than to airbrush aluminium color.
When I touch the aluminium color base layer my fingerprints get marked on the surface. Maybe I made a too thic layer and It hasn't dried out? Will it dry out or maybe it is sealed irreparably?
Have I fucked up?
Should I just get all paint off with turpentine and then spray primer above it and start from 0 by airbrushing Humbrol's enamel aluminium color?

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