Adhesive for ears on bucket?


Does anyone know what the best type of adhesive is to use on the ears and attach them to the bucket?

Model glue? Epoxy? Duct Tape?

I used JB Weld on my Mystery Helmet.
I dabbed it on and kind of slid it up and down to work the resin smooth and flat.
I screwed the right top ear piece on in case I ever want to change RF's ;)
That's what I did.
Hope this helps.
Robert E.
I drilled and tapped mine as well, screwing them in place from the inside. It's a good idea to do because if you have a chance to upgrade to metal ears later, you'll have that option.
I used Goop, that is found at any hardware store and some small philip head scews. So I glued it down and used some rubber ended C-clamps to hold it down tight and put the scews in from the inside. Small enough not to poke through. I just pre-drilled the holes in the helmet and marked the location on the ear parts and started a small hole there for the screw to go in. Seems to hold just fine.
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