A New and Disturbing Trend at TDH - ALL PLEASE READ!


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This is me posting as me not as a moderator and is not the views opinions of TDH!

I don’t disagree, so maybe when someone says that “plastic” you’re “sculpting on” looks like someone’s armor pull and not just a sheet of bent plastic. You take some pictures of the “plastic” from behind and other angles to prove your work. People on therpf and TDH have been at this for years and that’s why people post their WIP threads to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they made what they made. Not just to show off their handy work.
I think your saying we do our best when making props so m response is anyone that talks crap bout your work can hit the road cuz its a prop it's not meant to be a comic Con perfect thing. Cheers to you and your armour
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