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Hey guys I finished my build a while back and I have been nervous to say the least to submit my request to join the 501st due to being rejected after all that hard work I poured into making this suit. So I wanted to post some pictures and get some feedback from y’all to see if there are any major or minor things I should change before submitting my request! I couldn’t have gone this far without y’all’s help and knowledge and I just need a little more help guys!


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Overall you look good! A few things:

  • The cape is a bit too long, I think. It should end at the knee.
  • Girth belt needs to be tightened in the back.
  • The sidearm should be attached to the scuba harness waist strap.
  • The knee and thong straps could use some more weathering, imho.
  • They might ask for more weathering on the flight suit.
  • Double check the arrangement of your braids against the CRL.
  • They may ask you to reduce the amount of flak vest showing beneath the ab plate.
That’s what I see for now, but you will be asked to provide detailed helmet photos, and there could be issues there. Same goes for the gauntlets and jetpack. Ultimately it will come down to your GML and, if needed, the BHG.

When folks say that Fett is the top of the mountain in the 501st they are not kidding. Most Fetts are not approved on the first try.

Best of luck! I’m working through feedback and revisions myself so I’m right there with you.
Hey thanks guys I really appreciate the feedback! I got the helmet covered and broke down and got someone to do a professional paint up because I know the one I did myself wasn’t going to cut it! I did already trim down the armor and I’m actually working on painting up some new chest armor that’s a tad bit larger than the ones I already have! So maybe I will wait until I get my new helmet and replace the cape before I try submitting. For now I just wanna go with basic approval because honestly my bank account can’t take infamous right now
Shorten the boba thong, needs to be tight, glad you went with a pro helmet paintup, that's like the most important costume piece...return edges for plates needs to be trimmed by a lot, glad you are on that too....you are on your way, just tweaks, it's a long road for that 501 approval
BHG is a very interesting sub set of Star Wars costuming groups. Just looked through the rules and regs.
They have a "nefarious" character requirement. :D
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