3D ROTJ helmet


New Hunter
A long time ago I discovered the templates of RafalFett and tried to build the helmet with cardboard and then with polystyrene.
I don't know what to say, but both were not very successful.
After I was allowed to call a 3D printer my own last summer, there were new possibilities.
I was looking for 3D models of the helmet, but they didn't have the quality I had hoped for.
Until I (again) came across the 3D project of RafalFett.

RafalFett: Thanks for your amazing work!

Since the files had a too low resolution, I started to completely redesign the helmet.
And after 9 months I'm hopefully finally done and ready for printing.

Long story short, what do you think?

BF1.jpg BF2.jpg BF3.jpg BF4.jpg BF5.jpg BF6.jpg BF7.jpg BF8.jpg BF9.jpg BF10.jpg