"'05" Pavenspawn Belt Weathered


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I just finished weathering a '05 pavenspawn ROTJ belt AOSW style. I think Pav used a lighter color of leather for this belt just comparing it to the ones he is doing now. First I scuffed all the edges up a little. Then rubbed brown shoe polish over the pouches and belt. This made it look so much better. Then I used some ref photos to add the white to the pouches and belt using a little white out. I did not know if the white out would stay or not but after it dried I sprayed it all down with a satin sealant. I think it turned out pretty good for the 'ol first try. The flash of the camera adds a little more shine than what is actually there. What do you think? There is a before and after pic of the pouches to see what it looked like before I started.





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Scott Kaufmann

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Lookin pretty swell. Has anybody ever noticed how Boba's boots dont match either of his belts. A dangerous fashion statement. The method you used to color the belt is really a good idea.