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    Hi all,

    As you can see by my dismal post count, I'm still a noob here on TDH. Been a Fett lover for ages, and would love to expand my collection of figures by adding a 1:1 Helmet.

    What helmet would you suggest to a workshop and budget impaired beginner? I used to build model planes and cars when I was (much) younger, so painting is not my strong point, but I should be able to manage something decent. Obviously The Cargo Hold will be the ideal place to start looking, but until I get out of the newly registered group, I can't post there...

    I saw a thread with a Don Post paint... is that the retail bucket that the visor doesn't go all the way down? I assume there's visor's available? I have seen them in the past, for about 40gbp on fleabay, but shipping to Spain seems prohibitive for such an item...

    Looking forward to some hints!

    Oh yeah, if you're wondering about my English, it's because I'm actually Canadian, not Spanish...

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