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    Tomorrow I should be receiving my Asok cold cast helmet kit. I'm very excited because it's been a LONG time coming since I've wanted to do a Fett helmet. So many projects in the way and I wanted my bench clear as it's such a precise project. So glad the research that's been done here and the templates are going to be invaluable. I'm doing a ESB helmet as seen on film. Not totally sure if I'll do a layered paint or topical but we'll see. Just doing my research for now and gathering my paint list before I start buying paints. I'm a very experience mask, model, bust, and all around good painter but this is so different for me. Not to call it a paint by numbers as it's way more difficult than that of course, but I know I need to be very exact in my work...or exact as humanly possibly. When I say a long time coming, I almost started my first Fett helmet project when the Dented Helmet was first launched. So over 10 years. So I guess I've been a lurker for along time but started my real research a few weeks ago and FINALLY ordered the cold cast kit as I believe the FP shape is very nice and while I love fiberglass, I don't mind resin for a first project and cold cast is even cooler as I love the feel of cold cast. I've cold casted in bronze in the past for fine arts sculptures I've done. Not to look too far ahead but I'm kind of getting hooked a bit here and I've done many Star Wars projects in the past including lifesized Han In Carbonite, crystal focus FX lightsabers, other props, and all sorts of cool stuff for my small personal collection. I keep a journal to keep project costs, paint lists, websites, emails,local art supply dealer #s, etc. For upcoming projects I definitely am thinking of investing in slowly putting together an ESB Fett costume though next up might even be a ROTJ Fett bucket to go with the first one. I'm on a tangent and I apologize..

    I posted in the decal and stencil thread here for ESB decals for the kill marks and whatever else I need but it seems the seller is busy as I didn't get a reply in thread or PM. Can anyone help me out here?

    I noticed an ebay seller that has the kill mark decals with chest decals (only need kill marks though chest decals can go on car lol). I am very wary of ebay as far as Fett costume stuff goes though as unless it's being sold here on TDH, I know ebay is full of people taking advantage of hard work of makers here...especially the blatant recasters that fool people into buying from them. The seller of decals claims accuracy and they seem nice, but I know never to listen to anyone who claims accuracy as so does everyone else. When comparing to screen shots they seem fine of course.,.but size, quality, etc....I'm just needing a hand on that.

    I appreciate the help in advance! I'm so excited to do a stellar job on my Fett helmet and I really have no excuse not to take my time and do my best work possible. I know I'm a great painter as I earned that right to say that after teaching myself the trade through hours of trial and error, reading, instructional videos, and even a class on sculpture and painting by super FX artist Jordu Schell the last time I visited LA. So many accuracy resources here that I know all the tools are on this forum to doing the best job I can muster.

    FYI: Once I have the helmet here for sale, I will be using a Riddell/MR mini Fett helmet interior as reference and put my sculpting skills to work. I only have a MR mini clonetrooper helmet at the moment but have had the set in the past. So unless I get good interior pics online I'll probably use the trooper mini helmet interior as reference as I assume it's close and there's no accuracy to be reached here anyway. I won't be wearing the helmet other than for messing around for pictures or mirror so it's mostly going to be displayed inside my IKEA case. I plan on sculpting some neat looking interior stuff for showing off when people check out the helmet in person. Figure it will be a neat side project for days I can't work on painting helmet and it will make it feel even more real. Just a personal fun thing as I got the idea from someone here who is doing the same. I plan on just making a clay sculpture of all the parts, making a few silicone cast molds, and casting in a self-skinning polyurethane foam and painting. I'm so busy with two sons under 2 years old, a home to keep up and do repairs on, and a loving wife, but I'll the foam itself goes a long way when I buy a certain amount. Since 2-part liquid foam doesn't have the best shelf life inside the bottles it comes in, I'll cast the rest of it after I cast my personal copies and probably end up with a dozen sets or so. Will be nice a nice kit to sell or trade for when I start my costume or ROTJ Fett just so I don't have to dip into my meager collection budget my wife allows. In the past I might of just glued in the visor but since I'm doing such a detailed interior I'll definitely have to take my time bolting and mounting visor for a clean sturdy look.

    So if anyone can help with the decals I'd be so appreciative. No rush as it'll be a bit before I need them but I'd like to at least have things lined up.

    EDIT: Just wanted to mention that I don't currently own a printer as ours broke....but we are shopping for a new one and I'll probably go buy one tomorrow if I have time. I want one that I can easily print out templates and the like but I'm also interested in possibly just printing out my own decals eventually. I always add weird new techniques to my skill sets and figure decal making is a really cool skill to have at my disposal.

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    Feb 11, 2013, 6:48 PM - Re: ESB Decal questions #2

    Well this thread might be a false alarm minus the random thoughts about myself haha. Just got a PM from Lucky31 after trying one more time to PM him about decals and stencils. Looks like I'm in! lol Very happy to be getting that out of the way. Soon, I'll make a thread with my bucket progress. My goal is to show intimidated newbies here that you have the resources and tools at your disposal to do a great first time paint that you don't need to make excuses for. Of course if you don't feel like it, there's a plethora of top painters here that you can go to so that's another tool in itself. I usually don't take pictures of each stage of my projects but I feel that I will for my build thread as it will give me a chance to keep things organized.

    Thanks Fett freaks! You guys are some of the most accepting people in the hobby. Many forums don't tolerate new people or let them into their circle and I've already been befriended by several members here!
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    Feb 11, 2013, 8:44 PM - Re: ESB Decal questions #3

    Sounds like your off to a good start! ..and a belated welcome to the TDH!
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    Feb 11, 2013, 10:15 PM - Re: ESB Decal questions #4

    Thank you! Yup I'm feeling more confident about it each day. I would feel bad for someone who's never done any sort of model or kit project before that wanted to start a Fett helmet. Since I have 10 plus years experience with make-up FX and model making, I know I can handle it. Just a question of finding the time to make sure I study study study and study again before I start prepping...then I'll think about slapping on paint! LOL

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