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Ok I seem to be starting these off every now and then. Maybe we should sticky a few of the topics up toop so we have good reference stuff.

Well I am pretty positive the gloves are Leather, most likely a swade Leather. The problem is I just do not think we are going to find them on the shealf or is a dyeable manor. So I am going to start thinking about learning to sew Leather gloves for Zam.
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i'm pretty sure her gloves are an off the shelf glove. I found some goat skin ones that are VERY close - but the store only had them in larger sizes.

Her gloves are a light grey - with painted/dyed purple on them.
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Well I have been doing a lot of searching the last 2 months looking at gloves and I have been very unsucessful in find a set in grey leather unless it is a swead style. I am woundering if anyone else has found a pair yet and if so where. I may end up with a pair that are a greyish blue gloves from Riches and then I will likely take some paint and try and thin coat of grey paint to make them more grey.
At a Army Surplus store I found some goat skin gloves. They had the right look and had small sizes for my tiny hands. They are a bit more off white than gray, but they work okay for me. I might dye them gray then purple.

To me the lined gloves had the right thickness, but I decided on the unlined kind. :)
If you're painting leather, get some Shoe Paint, it's spray paint forumlated for leather and vinyl. Most shoe repair shops have it. It won't crack and flake off. It flexes with the leather. I sprayed a pair of black boots w/ a shade of brown for my boy's jedi costume and it worked great!

Never done gloves before, maybe stuff the fingers first...

Hope this helps!

One of my friends that knows leatherworking said he's seen leather dyes in many colors, not just the typical browns you can find at tack shops and such. They probably have purple.
Problem with trying to dye a bought set of leather gloves is that most are usually in black or brow so dyeing themto another color will be hard. The other problem is that this is finished leather which means it is sealed allready and because of that Dye may not take to the leather at all.

Now just to point out. Zam's gloves are actually a medium to light grey in color and not Purple. Actually they are very close if not the same color as Zam's Vest which is as determined to be white leather that was then painted, yes you guessed it, Grey.
Ok,I know I am far behind, and there is so much fabulous information here that I am having to read a little a day.

Because the gloves/vest are grey, is it the lighting giving them a purple hue? How are all of you compensating for the purple if you use grey colored articals? From what I read, many are using purple colored vests and gloves anyway, right?
Hope this clears things up. More than one costume, There's the stunt costume, studio one, etc. But overall, because most of us have Dallas' MOM pics, when we decide to do it like the MOM costume, it's white vest, grey gloves, airbrushed purp. If you want it to look more like the studio ones, airbrush more purp. Or, if you want to save $ and energy, just buy purp gloves. I am going to look for some light grey gloves and airbrush mine purp. If any one could finally find some light grey, a ton of us would be happy. Haven't had much luck on the internet, all I find is motorcycle gloves.
Have you looked into OSHA gloves (work gloves?) My husband is working for an OSHA company right now (bulk/discounts?). Here is an example of different gloves they may have to offer:

I went to and typed in: gray leather gloves
Of course, there are other sites, prices and colors on different sites...Don't know if this helps or not.
I thought about the gray work gloves. I looked at walmart and found some similar work gloves, but they were suede on the outside. I have a feeling that hers is smooth side out. I may be wrong, my MOM pics are at home. Lemme know if you have any more hits with gray gloves that are smooth side out. Oh, and you want the collar around the wrist- not too bulky, as you have to be able to fit it inside your gauntlets.
You are right about the gloves being smooth on the outside, but OSHA has MANY styles...I will have hubbie bring home a catalog tonight!!! (cross your fingers!)
Go figure, he forgot to bring it home... I am going to see him for lunch and will re-remind him! lol
Did you get to go to Walmart? I am going this afternoon to look at what they have here in Memphis. My hubie is going to order a pair of gloves for me to check out. They are goat skin. Not sure of cost yet or what they look like up close. I should know this afternoon. They come in S, M, L and XL. Does anyone know how easy goat skin would be to die/paint?
Yeah, I did get to goto walmart, but they didn't have grey. They had white only. I emailed them to see if they have gray, but they didn't respond back to me. You can only paint the gloves, you can't dye it, as it's already been dyed and sealed. I would airbrush paint the white gloves myself, but not sure if I should just see if I can get a gray glove first. The White is too white if you know what I mean. All the seams would show. Gray would be better before airbrushing it purple. It's hard to hide glaring white seams. And, it's more exact to the MOM pics.
I will keep looking. I did find grey ones, but they looked like the rough suede, not the smooth that Zam wears. I am not giving up!!!! I may have to get the catalog again....
Hubbie just picked up the gloves (I can't wait to see them!). They are white. The vendor them told him that he could get anything we we shall see. I am going to ask if he can get them in gray (IF these gloves are the right style). I was told that that the white ones are about $36 for a dozen.

Are Zam's gloves a light or medium gray? I would think light....
The glovz are definately more like #680 on the site that I listed above, than 681--as far as style. And, (I think they were custom) because there are two stitches going up the pointer finger all the way down towards the thumb. I am not having my gloves custom done, but I know some manufacturer out there should have gray goatskin gloves that look like #680. So, I will settle for that. Hopefully you get a very close find. After what I can remember from pouring over the pictures, they have a lot of faux stitching on many parts. Gloves and cumberbun.
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