Lining for Zam's 'jumpsuit'

EEEEK! I did it! :eek: I got the neoprene samples from Stretch House and I'm getting me some yardage (just requested an order from them). I settled on the Green Pepper patterns for racing pants and longsleeved top (#401 & #406) for being the closest thing as a two-piece outfit that I could get. Now my question to fellow neoprene Zammers (and if this question has been asked before, I apologize; I DID do a search for posts or threads, but I may have overlooked something)... did you line your neoprene with something else, to absorb excess sweat? I was the one who was a little gun-shy about neoprene in the SW Florida heat, but I bit the bullet and can tough it out. But if anyone is in the same boat, do you wear anything underneath to wick moisture or do you recommend any particular fabric for lining? Any help is welcome. Thanks. (I'm just in shock that i'm taking my first baby-steps toward actually making my outfit! Yay!! :))
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Here's a link to the Green Pepper Patterns mentioned above:

To answer your question - I was in on the fabric run that ZamIAm did a few years ago, which included a fabric lining on the backside of the neoprene. So, we didn't need to "line" the body suit fabric.

However, you do need to include a black undersuit below the crop-top as that does show where the vest comes together on the sides. For that I would recommend something that breathes - cotton.

I don't know about the neoprene you ordered specifically - JDFett would be the one to answer that. You don't want the stuff sticking to you forever! ;)

I understand your concerns about the heat... believe me! I'm in Arizona. I'm thinking along the lines of what the Vader's end up doing with water cooling - I have to research it more though. I'll let you know!
This is my neoprene..., #4. I believe it was JDFett that first posted it (I may be wrong). I know others have bought this as well, and the sample is VERY close to the Dressing the Galaxy book (as seen in other photos). It has spandex fabric on either side, and is pretty thin and pliable. I know neoprene can be a bear to sew with, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. :)


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As long as you've got fabric on the back-side of the neoprene you don't have to have a lining - as the neoprene won't stick to you like a wet-suit in that case.

It's not going to breathe no matter what you do... you're going to sweat.


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yes that was the fabric I put up as an option and the same i used for Jamie's actually sews quite just make sure you give a bit of a tug on the material and you should be fine...I also used a standard needle with no problems....

as far as lining...i would suggest you simply purchase some under armor...they make it for both cold and hot weather...if you get it in black then your all set for the crop top area and it works great for wicking the sweat....I use it under my vader suit and it really helps...