A new Zam's Fan....


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I'm Giacomo, a new user of this nice forum... I've introduced my self in this thread http://www.thedentedhelmet.com/showthread.php?t=18322

As I've written in my presentation topic...I'm here to look for some help in making a nice Zam's costume for my girlfriend. I've noticed that there are many threads concerning zam's costume...perhaps there are too many to read them all together....:)

I hope you will help me in making something really nice ;)

me gonk

These people are amazing over here! I'm pretty new too and already my head is swimming with all the information I have gotten from everyone here.

sl tk8456

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Weclome my friend. We've been expecting you.

Very helpful people and yearrrrss of knowledge are on these boards. Some very clever folk about.

Good luck with it. Great costume :)


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Welcome aboard :)

I know it's a lot of reading but it couldn't hurt to skim through most of the item specific threads for research. There are many of us who can help too so feel free to ask around.


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Welcome to the Zammers Club! :)

Yep, the best advice is to read through the posts (I printed out some of the most important ones) and dive on in! It is a great costume and lots of hard work - but worth it in the end! Good luck!