wrist gaunlet help



I need to know where I can buy a pair of wrist gaunlets for under $25.That or make some out of cardboard or wood.NO SINTRA!I know some of you are sintra crazy...
Unless someone on the board has an old pair lying around, I doubt you can build or buy them for under $25, without using plastic. And why not Sintra (or other plastic)? More durable than cardboard, and lighter than wood. Several members have built outstanding Sintra gauntlets for a fraction of the price of a kit.

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I'm relatively new to the board here, but I think the $25 budget may be pushing it...

However maybe there is a cardboard solution out there.

I know BradleyFett has done kits in the past that are reasonable (Not quite $25, but far less than some that are in the $150-200 range...)

Maybe someone on the board has an economical solution for you.

-Good Luck
ok guys i will push up the $25. Just give me something cheap.
And I will consider sintra.
I have the first set of home-made gauntlets I ever made. I could let them go for $25 shipped within the U.S. PM me if you are interested.
actually i purchased a 4'X 8" sheet of 1/8" sintra for 30 bucks.i only used half of that for my entire costume.you can make your gauntlets for very cheap if you have the have the patience and manhours to do so.if you tackle our own scratchbuilt gauntlets be prepared..its a pain in the arse :facepalm
Hey jangoboba,
Sintra is great to work with and can be cut with a safety knife (a.k.a. box cutter) up to about 1/8" thickness. I have done some basic gauntlets which I am still perfecting.

I scored some nice vacuformed gauntlets off the Cargo bay for $50 a while back because one was unfinished and one was damaged. You just have to keep an eye out.

I also believe Phantom Viper has some templates for gauntlets you may ask him about.

Please let me know if I can be of any further help.

I can email you my templates but my knee templates need a major overhaul.

Sintra knees are decent but, like the cod piece, a vacuformed set will give you greater accuracy. I got my cod from batninja who is an awesome guy. You might try him to see if he makes knees and gauntlets as well.
Here are the templates that i have made so far:D
<img src=>
<img src=>
I would use the sintra. $25 bucks really does get you a lot of sintra. I remember a member on the board made gauntlets with plastic 5 gallon pails. They looked really good. Sorry....I can't remember exactly who that was that did them.
that was phantom viper I believe, he also made the bucket armor. I made my first set of armor from a bucket and it came out pretty well, even though I cut my finger with the xacto knife and bled all over the armor
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