Worth my $1500? Everything BobaMaker


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Hello Guys,

I'm just starting to build my life-size accurate Boba Fett replica, and I just wanted to ask if the price is OK for this service? BobaMaker is a realfriendly person, and his workis awsome.. These pieces I'll buy are all professionaly made, painted and weathered by Mr.BobaMaker himself!

Helmet ROTJ (inc. painting, decals, weathering & fitting T-Visor)
Chest Armour (inc painting, weathering)
Shoulder Armour (inc. painting, decals and weathering)
Back & Collar Armour (inc painting,weathering)
Cod & Butt Armour (inc painting, weathering)
Knee Armour & Launchers (inc painting, weathering)
Shin Tools (inc painting, weathering)

Will these make a accurate and good start on my costume?

BTW If I just get them without painting and weathering services, than it will save me well around $900 ..however I'm afraid of messing things up as I never painted an armor before with all those tiny details..Do you guys think it's better to leave it all of to a professional?
Dude....Painting & assembling the stuff yourself is half the fun!!! Guess its up to you. BM makes some pretty good stuff. Should be a great start for you;)
Will these make a accurate and good start on my costume?

Definitly, although some people opt to do it themself, that is a great jumpstart having him paint it, if you have the money for it I would say jump all over it. On the other hand JK is right. Unless you get down into the reference files and the archival photo's and paint this yourself you will never get to know Fett the way most of us do, that may be ok for you though its really all up to preference.

The bottom line is not if *we* think it's worth it. We won't be wearing/displaying your suit. If you think $1500 is worth your piece of mind that you are getting a quality suit for your pleasure and benefit, then yes, $1500 is a fair amount. Everyone has different opinions on who makes the best this part and that part. If Bobamaker is what you want and what you like, then go for it.

personally, i love bobamaker's stuff, and i think its well worth the money, but, i would do all the painting yourself....like Jango's kid said, its half the fun.
I have lots of BM stuff and im happy with it. But id just paint it myself. How else are you going to learn? I just used the search and I found how I can do it all myself. I went from not having a clue to painting not so bad, and my stuff looks good. You could save your self the 900 and spend it on air brush and paints. That would be way cheeper then 900 and you get to learn.
hmm.... I think it's cool we are able to buy stuff, kits, completed props etc... but to buy and let someone else create your costume...hmm...

I agree with the others, you can do alot yourself, painting etc...
that's the fun, building the thing or partially anyway...

just my opion.

An yes... bobamaker makes awesome stuff and is a reliable, good guy to work with.
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