Wookiee braids set-up?


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Yeah, this subject has most likely been posted a million times, but I'm new so let's get some fresh info on this. Does anyone actually know how the Wookiee braids are set-up? I'm not talking personal opinion here, I'm talking the real deal. I want my ESB Fett to be as close as possible to movie accurate, so I'm sure someone here on TDH has the correct answer. Any help would be great, Thanks!

John Barrows, Jr.


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Not sure exactly what you are talking about. Do you want to know how many there are, how they are attached to the vest, or what they have on them?

If you want to know how they are attached then I believe most people sew them on with black thread because I think this is how it was done. This thread has some more info and a pic of how they are attached.

Hope this helps. :)