Women's Helmets?


I've got a question as I start down the path of beginning this costume, I want to start with the helmet so I can scale the it to the size I am, rather than running around in a guy sized helmet and looking like a bobble head doll! :p

I've been hearing that Don Post Helmet's can run larger than the Rubies helmets, how fair is it to say that's true? Second, since I'm worried about the "size", would it be better to opt for a kit, rather than a bought helmet?

I would really like it to look all semetrical to my size. I'm 5'5" and not have it look like the helmet is dominating or eating my my neck. ;)

Any advice? Ideas?
Hard to answer that without some full body pics. (for reference purposes only of course) 8)

Sorry, my inner pig was coming out. The Rubies is def. smaller than the DP95-96's. I don't think a DP or Rubies would look overly large on you.
Inner Gammorian eh? I usually eat Gammorian with a nice mustard and mashed potatos and green beans on Christmas. ;) Blue Milk on the side of course!

Okay cool! I'll have to look now for a Rubies Helmet. Even if I end up thinking the size is too large, I can still wear it around the house while vacuming or scare the cats with it.
Well since the Don post helmets are nowhere near as big as the movie helmet. I'm going to say that probubly a Rubies would fit to ratio a small frame well.
Yikes, I'm gonna ask a friend of mine about how he got his kit. :) I should yikes too bad, but this is an undertaking. ;) I've not work with many of the things you all are talking about. I'm a normal needle and thread seamstress, so this would be my first latex that isn't liquid undertaking.

Most Rubie helmets just need to be heated up and reshaped, (Which can usually be done with some hot water.) Then maybe something to stiffen up the insides so they don't go all wonky again, like fiberglass. You just have to hope you get one that isn't too bad.

If your head is smaller, definitely try to stay away from the movie-sized helmets, as those are huge. I'd also say anything that's a Don Post recast would probably be a little large. I have a DP modded recast and the sides almost touch my shoulders when I have it on, making me look seriously bobble-headed. If the Rubies ends up too small, or you wanted a fiberglass helm, I have a name or two I can suggest. Just drop me a pm! :)
My Girlfriend is 5'1" and the Rubies Jango helmet was a bit large on her. In my opinion at 5'5" it would fit you quite proportionally.


I'd suggest a Don Post '95 or '96 over a rubies. True, it's a little bigger than the rubies, but I think at your height, it would be ok, and it'll be much more accurately shaped to begin with than the rubies.
Cool deal folks! I was doing updates and got irritated and decided to come back to see what what shakin' on the board, and yowza mondo offerings of great help! Yeah!! :)

Svoor: I'll drop you a PM. :)

Marrow Sun: That's a great point, the worst thing that would happen if it's too big for me, is I just go a head and offer it here to someone needing one if it can't work for me.

Great pictures by the way! :)

C*E*N*O*B*Y*T*E: Any ideas on where to get an earliers one?

Thanks folks you all rock!
I agree with Marrow_Sun. The Rubies JANGO helmet should work perfect, and it has nice shape. Rubies Boba helmets are larger and softer, and don't hold a good shape.
Don't forget that Fett's helmet usually a had a larger-than-the-actor appearance. A slight bobble-head is part of the movie look. So, I wouldn't worry if it seems slightly too large.
Wahoo! Great! :) I'll scope out all the suggestions and keep my eyes peeled to see what I can come up with. Worst come to worst Hubs and my other buddy who's done Jango can help me reshape a rubies helmet. :)

BobaBabe, I'm working on a Jango costume and I opted for a Don Post helmet. I'm only 5'2" and I think it's pretty good in comparison to my size. I had orginially been given an MSH as a gift but it ended up being HUGE on me.
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