Wizard of Light Backplate

Christo Fett

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So I downloaded Wizard of Light's armor templates and I have made all of my armor with great success. I have not, however, been able to make the backplate piece work. I have a large, long pan that I boil water in on the stove. I am able to heat up the piece, I just cannot figure out how to bend it. It has more angles than any of the other armor pieces. Is there a formula for success with this piece? Has anyone had luck making a Sintra backplate?

Please help. :(
without piecing sintra together from different parts its really hard to make a backplate to fit your back right. Sintra is like trying to bend paper, it doesnt curve
... I thought the line was "bending paper around a football"

anyways, cal is right, you might want to try and may it of multiple pieces, then glue and kit em together and bondo the thing up, then it just takes alot of sanding etc.

but then how did you get that right curve in the chest plates?
I used plexiglas to create myn, but that bends in one direction aswell...

pulled it over a mold or sculpt of some sort?

not that sintra is available here for that matter, but still...
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