Chest light sequence ESB

I will sell the most accurate chest electronics very soon. I plan on selling each kit for $90 and has been heavily research utilizing credible sources such as Ord Mantell, MinuteFett, Dustin Westaby, Jurassic Fett and so forth. I post a majority of my content on my instagram @fettfromhell and I recently had to wire up a all vintage, RS components, fully accurate chest display that my PCB option replicates and will function the same.
Here are some photos of what the vintage one looks like and how I made a PCB version to replicate its function.

I will sell the manually wired replicas for around $350 and the PCB Budget and troop friendly kit that functions the EXACT same will be sold for $90

Also, I would like to mention, Rafal is an absolute beast, but a lot of stuff is slowly becoming outdated. I would say to check the date and try and find newer sources that elaborate on what is definitive or not.
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