Wireless switches for chest display and jetpack beacon


New Hunter
Greetings, hunters. Especially those with some electronics experience…

I’m wanting to install wireless on/off switches in my chest display and jetpack beacon, perhaps even activate the lights with the switches on my gauntlets. Has anyone done this? Both lights are powered by a single 9v battery each. I’m curious if anyone has found a way to activate these features with a switch rather than having to unplug a battery each time.

Thanks in advance!


New Hunter
Yes. You can get 3-5V mechanical or solid state relays with keyfob remotes. I’ve even wired one into a mando style fob.

You still want to flip a physical power switch, or unplug when not in use. The wireless circuit will drain your battery after a few weeks/months of storage.

Portable USB power packs are what I recommend to folks for power. Easily swappable, rechargeable, pluggable.