WIP SE suit (FettPride armor, MOW Gaunts).

Here is a simple video to help. The hardest part for me was calculating which resistor to use. You just have to search that and use the equation.
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Well, Here is an update. The right gauntlet is practically finished. I just have to trim up the glue I used for the switches (Do not use gorilla glue on such small pieces. It expands waaay too much), and touch up some paint. The top of the gaunt I used pictures from MOM. On the underside, I followed the pics for most of the large damage, then got creative on a bunch of the little stuff, so it is not 100% accurate..... Still looks good though!

image-19.jpeg image-20.jpeg image-21.jpeg image-22.jpeg image-23.jpeg image-24.jpeg image-25.jpeg image-26.jpeg image-27.jpeg image-28.jpeg
Anyone have advice about clear coating this? I have Humbrol Matte Coat, and I was wondering if it would be advisable to use it and "seal in" the paint job....


I did a couple coats of Minwax Polyurethane clear on my armor and gauntlets for scratch and chip protection, and a topcoat of Testors Dullcote to kill any gloss or shine. It is as tough as nails!
Well, got the left gaunt assembled and the LEDs/Momentary switches working. I then painted it. It came out a bit too purple, but I removed the masking anyways and tried to weather it..... Ruined that paint attempt! ****. Retry in the morning, assuming I have enough Wine paint.
Update. I did not have enough Wine paint. Repainted it silver and left it. Had to come to Hawaii on detachment. I love Hawaii, and I love getting paid extra to go there, but not being able to finish my gaunts or start my helmet is driving me nuts! I have been here a week and all I want is to get home and get to work! (My fettronics chestboard came in, as well as all my paint, and a thermal detonator just for fun)....


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Where did you get your TD? I was thinking about just grabbing one of those hot potato games and repainting it. It would be cheaper :) Plus, it already has light and sound.
I grabbed a Disney hot potato one. I am actually quite impressed with it. I wish it were heavier, but other than that it will looko great after I paint it. I am going to paint it humbrol silver, weather it with black and rust brown, and then use a super fine brush (0000) and humbrol chrome to add scratches.
Well, back from Hawaii. Got my soft parts in from Carole and they look fantastic. Had to do some touch up silver on the left gauntlet before remasking it. While I was waiting and bored I did a little work on the TD....

I also did a base coat on it, but forgot to take the pic....
A couple more pics of the TD in work. Still gonna throw on some copper and rust weathering, matte coat it, and then some chrome scratches.....


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That looks really sweet man! I like the idea of the scratches. Just use an exacto knife? Also like the muddled wash there ;)
I used a hacksaw because the plastic is pretty hard and I wanted a really straight line. I figured a black wash would tone it down. Now I have to figure out how to airbrush splatter.....


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Just splatter with a paint brush :)

Put a small amount of paint on the tip of your brush and then tap the brush against your fingers.
Another update. Remasked the left gaunt and repainted it. Now, DO NOT WEATHER IT TILL IT IS TOTALLY DRY! Lol. I followed the reference photos (MOM) as best I could for the masking.

I also painted the missile humbrol chrome and it looks great! Now I can add the black and copper!

Now, on to my side project. The thermal detonator. I splattered it with thinned copper and humbrol matte rust. Started looking good, but too bright, so I weathered it again with humbrol matte black. Now when I add the chrome to the scratches and scrapes it will really pop!

I hope to finish the gauntlet, TD, and missile tomorrow after work. We will see! :)