WIP SE suit (FettPride armor, MOW Gaunts).

Well, got the copper sprayed on the rocket. Also cleaned up the helmet again. Damage will be next. Also trimmed up and sanded the other knee. Pics will follow over the next few days.

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As promised, pics if the gauntlet rocket after the masking was pulled. I use a wood shiskabob (eh, spelling). It's soft enough to not dig or hurt the paint below, but scrapes it up nice.


Next I masked it with tape and masking for the black.


And I sprayed a base coat.


Next I added the physical damage and washed the helmet. Next up is primer and the back panels.





In the next few days I will finish the rocket, paint some of the lid, trim the remaining armor, and paint it! :)

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Well, the tamiya masking tape pulled a bunch of the chrome off the gauntlet rocket. Only thing I can think of is sand it rougher and maybe prime it for more success. Work stopped on that since I ordered a metal rocket from Jodo.... Helmet is primed but has a sort of eggshell texture for some reason! Anyone have any advice, or will my airbrushing smooth it out?

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All helmet info will be continued from now on under a new thread in the helmet section. That said, a couple boxes of goodies came in. Among the goodies was an aluminum gauntlet rocket, gauntlet darts, and toe spikes from Dakota. These things are superb! From Woodman I got a cape, girth belt, and wookie braids. Almost like Christmas came early for this guy!

I have been working on the helmet, and only have one update. Since Dakota has not started making the tip of his rocket in brass yet I decided to paint the one I have.

A quick update on the rocket..... I used very fine sandpaper (400) to weather the tip, and I also painted the very tip and main body black (which I will weather with sandpaper as well.



Now that the black paint was dried I used 400 grit sandpaper and 0000 steel wool to weather all of the surfaces.


Turned out pretty dang good if I do say so myself!

Thanks thebeans!

Alright gents. Since December I have flown home for two weeks, flown to Hawaii for two weeks, and flown to Seattle for two weeks. In between going to Hawaii and Seattle I moved from one house to another. I don't have a good place to work on any of my suit/helmet right now, but I am settled in and working on it. I may end up renting a small storage unit to work out of. Hopefully I will be getting some serious work done here in the next few weeks.



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Three layers of FG!? I could barely get my arms into the MOW Gaunts out of the box... I had to reshape them and I could only spare room for one layer or smooth on 320 and fiberglass. I laid the FG after the hinges... I had to be delicate with the hinge- but I like the idea of laying it over the hinge brackets for extra strength. (Didn't use screws throw the Gaunts)

They look great. I like the light in the FT nozzles!
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Nice! Yeah, 3 layers was overkill. They fight just about perfectly though. Very snug. All they need now is clear coat. Been doing a whole lot of moving. They are in a storage unit near my house currently... No place to work! :(

Well, I have finally moved and am getting situated in Hawaii. Time to finish up my Fett. I need to order a jetpack and EE-3. I know I will get my blaster from Stormrider, and I want a FettSeven pack, but I can't seem to find his sale thread anymore.... Anyone got the link? Also, Taco never sent me my belt, and I am out some serious money..... I need to order an ammo belt, but I don't know who is making them these days. I need an SE one, and I can't remember how many pockets (I believe it was a PP belt) were on it at the moment. Anyone got advice for that too? Thanks in advance, and get ready to see some more progress!


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Delta13Mike here is also along the ammo belts.
As Raf said, you can get to NME props(FettSevens pack) by doing a google search and order it from their site.
Molonlabestudios (MLS) is making the EE3 blasters as well.
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Soooo. Major setbacks. I wanted to finish this myself, but it won't happen. I would love to commission someone to finish my armor (it mostly needs paint/decals only). Also, I need to commission someone to finish my helmet. I have no workspace, or time. I have all parts (unless they ever finished a good GOW rangefinder). It is FP armor and an ASOK CC GMH from a few years back. Other than that needing done, I just need to buy a blaster and jetpack (fett seven/stormrider still in business?), and a new flight suit (gained a little weight, haha). The rest I can do in my place. I'd prefer someone that works in Humbrol (except the cement color). Money is no worry (be realistic), and I would like the best. I am ready to make this wearable by the end of the year. I know of a few artists that were big (and that I tried to emulate). Jayvee, he is my favorite, and I would gladly send everything for my helmet to him. Other than that, I appreciate the help. Due to my deployment cycle I just don't have time to finish myself :(. Thank you all, and it's good to be back!