WIP: Le1120's Fett V2 RotJ helmet paint up--from scratch to finish!

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  1. le1120

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    Hi all,

    So many of you might know I had been working on a scratch-built Fett sculpt (my second haha) using RafalFett's excellent templates as a guide...and from there molded it up and have since have made it available. Well, idk about anyone else but I'm super excited to finally properly paint one of these bad boys up in all its shining glory--as a RotJ. I know some people might be groaning but as I have a bit of experience with that version (from a previous paint up on my first scratch build) and an airbrush and Jayvee's excellent paint colors as a basis, and many others to follow in the footsteps of, I just decided to take another shot at it. I do hope to do an ESB but that'll not be for a bit...

    I have a deadline to meet (Going to try having this ready to wear for AnimeBoston, March 31 and onwards) so it's not going to be easy but with good weather (and New England weather can be the worst in terms of consistency) and with the hope that the remainder of my paints will arriving on time, lets do this thing!

    That was the master still in the process of being finished--with my painted V1 on the side...


    The kit I put together...


    This one got prepped and primed:


    And now adding the RotJ damage (gotta hate how it rotates the photos) Hopefully put on the silver and mask it off and stuff tomorrow when the weather improves!


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  2. rnbuda

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    Looking forward to this build!
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  3. le1120

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    I meant to have posted these pics a few days ago whoops....

    You can see my ancient airbrush and setup. This is just MM silver I have on the helmet.




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  4. le1120

    le1120 Member

    So, question time...paints...

    I'm going by Jayvee's paint list. However, that one custom mix, 'chameleon green' – Floquil Southern Green and Floquil CNW Green mix...I couldn't get my hands on those paints. jthornton1993 came up with a mix that looked like a really good substitute, what he called "Tamiya XF-70 mixed with Humbrol 131". So I've tried a 2:1 mix which looks good but I can't tell if it needs to be lighter.

    So I've taken a couple shots of the mix in comparison with many paints many people have been using for awhile, that rare caboose, schwarzgrun RLM 70, Jayvee's custom green"DOME AND LOWER CHEEKS MAIN GREEN – Humbrol 31 + Humbrol 78 (approx. 2 ½: 1 ratio mix)", Tamiya XF-17, Tamiya XF-70 Dark Green, MM silver, humbrol 131.

    Can anyone give an idea whether it needs to be lightened or not?


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  5. Raizo Fett

    Raizo Fett Active Member

    Try RLM 82 for the dome and cheeks.
  6. le1120

    le1120 Member

    I'll have to pick up some and compare. Any idea on that back panel green though?
  7. Raizo Fett

    Raizo Fett Active Member

    Ah, sorry I thought you were doing the dome and cheeks for some reason. I haven't gotten that far into mixing to figure out anything for the back panels... There is some CNW Green on ebay though.
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  8. jthornton1993

    jthornton1993 New Member

    The green looks good! Go with it.
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  9. le1120

    le1120 Member

    Yeah...too bad it won't make it in time for AnimeBoston. I'll work with the mix for now.

    Thanks! I'll work with it and come up with something. Maybe a 2 ½: 1 mix Humbrol 131 to Tamiya XF-70 or something.
  10. Raizo Fett

    Raizo Fett Active Member

    Do you have Tamiya XF-26 on hand? That might be a closer starting point for the rear panels.
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  11. le1120

    le1120 Member

    I don't unfortunately. @jthornton1993 used the mix I've been trying to recreate with good effect (not mine):


    I think it looks good so I'll just mess with the mix ratio a bit I think. I also know it tends to come out lighter with an airbrush. Worst case I'll just use some rattlecan Hunter Green I have lying around from my previous paintup.
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  12. le1120

    le1120 Member

    I forgot to upload some progress...



  13. le1120

    le1120 Member

    Sneak peek!

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  14. le1120

    le1120 Member

    Well I essentially got it ready in time for the convention. I used caboose for the red, and the blue/green turned out nicely as well. The colors really vary with the lighting, which is the point.



    Family picture! V2 trimmed cast on left, V1 ROTJ in center, V2 ROTJ right





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  15. Gory

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    Really nice helmets...already one in process but I've seen your run, and it looks really great... Have to think about it
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  16. le1120

    le1120 Member

    Feel free to PM me anytime!
  17. hvacdon

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    Helmet looking Great !!

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