WIP Jango Fett


New Hunter
Just recently started a Jango Fett build! Helmet: Minutefett (purchased)
Armor:Wasted Fett (purchased)
Flightsuit/flak vest: BobaMaker
Westar 34’s: Unknown
Leather: cruzer?

Coldcast armor came in, now to start trimming/smoothing out


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Sorry for such a late add on, just got my flightsuit in! I gotta order a flak vest but I’m hesitant to order from bobamaker considering their wait time. However he did a PHENOMENAL job on this flightsuit.
Looks like we have a good race to finish with a few builders! You waiting on any more parts? Everything looks like it fits great!
Unfortunately yes. The leathers/belt/holster combo which can rack me around 900. Boots, gloves, and Westar 34’s/jetpack are all I have left! Just waiting for finances to get in order haha.
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