WIP for Hannah's RotJ Fett build


Greetings Dented Helmet Community.

No one becomes Boba Fett overnight and I'd like to give a massive thank you to everyone who has contributed to this build. It's been a wild past few years and I am happy to announce that this build has finally come to resolution earlier this afternoon. I was busy tinkering on the kit to finalize a number of things for fitting so I didn't get a great deal of photos, but I know others in attendance did. Here are a few photos I managed to get on my phone and I'll let them speak for themselves in regard to what this collaborative effort from the TDH community has helped put together.

We are so excited that her father's legacy can live on through his daughter, Hannah, as Boba Fett. Thank you, everyone, for coming together and helping finish what her father began so many years ago.






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WOW!! Hannah LOOKS FANTASTIC!! That's a Great Looking Suit!
I know I've been a pest asking about this project, but I'm thrilled that it has turned out so well!!
You guys have put alot of work in to this to make it happen! I know that Hannah is very proud of the Boba Fett
that you have put together for her, and Hannah's Dad is looking down and is also very proud that she has carried on with
his dream and is very thankful for you guys all coming together to make this happen!!!
Thank You for all you've done!!! Don
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