Will Fibreglass adhere to plastic?

Darth Squeet

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If sanded down something fierce and prepped properly, will plastic accept FB and will the two stay fused? I'd like to cover something made of plastic with FG to give some nice weight. I also like the way fibreglass looks after painting,if done right.
Any help would be great. :)

Darth Squeet

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I thought the top o the line Rubies WERE FG ?! Had no idea they were plastic. Well I'll give er a shot and see how it turns out. If it wrecks my prop I know who to blame!!! Thanx for goin out on the limb. :p
Checked out your site the other day, great stuff BTW.

Darth Squeet

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I think this'll work out juuuust fine then.
Thanks for all the help people.
I was really worried that it would fall apart after a while, but if TDHers say it'll work....


I reinforced my Kelloggs Clonetrooper helmets with fiberglass after asking this very question at the RPF!:lol:

It worked great. I'm less impressed with the bondo-to-styrene EX-terior, but that worked OK, too.