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Hey guys.

I have a pair of Ruffkintoy Gauntlets. I put them on with my jumpsuit this afternoon, you know trying on all of my stuff, and I was not even able to get them shut over the jumpsuit. :cry

So my question is who makes the largest gauntlets? I have really big forearms and I am not able to fit into a pair of ruffkintoy guants when I am wearing my jumpsuit.

I am going to put the ESB Ruffkintoy guants up for sale probably in the next day, but I wanted to see how makes the largest gauntlets. I am also looking to purchase a pair of gauntlets that would fit someone with really big forearms, like myself. Any help would be really appreciated.
Got the PM, thanks for the info Andromalius. I saw a comparison pic one time that had MOW, FP, and Ruffkin. MOW was the longest in length, but I was not sure about the space inside for the forearm.
to be honest I've never seen MoW's in person, but i would think the size would be relative... longer, a little wider, and bigger interior.

a lot of people say that the MoW's kind of swallow the forearm by comparison to other gauntlets :lol: ...but i guess the best thing to do would be to PM MoW and find out the details.

good luck w/ ur gauntlets(y)
I think MOW's new sculpts are smaller now.

I have the same problem, maybe MOW will make some more old sculpts for us big guys.
Hey fellow TDH'ers

My gauntlets will go up for sale this evening around 6 or 7. Here are just a few of the details. They are a good started set for someone that is just starting out with a Boba costume. They are ESB green, weathered, dirty looking. I will start taking offers on them now, and I will get some pics up when I get home from work this evening.
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