White vinyl molding/edging


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I'm looking for molding similiar to this for my armor. Does anybody know of a place that has this? Thanks.
just get that stuff that goes on the edges of car doors.works good.I used it on my predator armor edges.
It conforms to curves really nice too.
you can get it usually anywhere that sells car accesories.I got mine at wally world.
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You might also try utilizing irrigation hose/airline hose, the type without all the performated holes, for the drip systems. Its really cheap, comes in clear and other colors, and is real easy to use. Just split it down the middle apply a little glue to the inside and press it onto what you want to edge. I have used this in special effects, gauntlets and many idfferent applications. Looks good, durable, and last forever. You can buy on eBay (look under air hose) for about 10-$15.00 per 100 feet.
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