which side to fasten ruffkintoy guants


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I am starting to work on my ruffkin guants ESB version which side does the hinges go on and which side do vyou place the velcro on? Just curios what others did. pix would be nice.
If you want to get techie with them...there are NO hinges on the ESB or ROTJ gauntlets, only on Jango. I pop riveted the outsides and velcroed the insides.

Good luck. :)
Me to, ruffkin gauntlets are so lightweight aint no need for hinges, industrial strength velco does the job good.
So did you overlap it by much for the pop rivets? I have a rivet gun and I also have the hinges. and the velcro. did you just glue the velcro to the guant, or did you use smething more permanent?

thanks for info.
I love my Ruffkin ESB Gaunt kit. I am definately going to reinforce the inside with some fiberglass to give it a little more strength. I will probably use the industrial velcro too.
I used velcro as well. I have the ROTJ version and the velcro just sticks to the plastic. It sticks really really well. You don't really need glue or anything.
I have the ROTJ Ruffkin kit and just used Industrial strength velcro. I glued it in and they are almost solid! I've never had a problem with the velcro giving way.
Velcro is the way to go.
as far as the rivets;
on the left gauntlet,rivet the flamethrower on as well(leave the bottom piece off when you rivet,then glue it together.)
on the right rivet the outside edge of the gaunt,I only used 2 rivets -one on each end.
Beware! Make sure that when you fibreglass them they still slot together. Because without fibreglass they are quite flexible and can be squashed a little to allow them to fit, but once fibreglassed they are very rigid.

Don't forget to sand the insides well so the fibreglass keys OK.

Good luck.
Thanks for the tip. I was definately going to rough up the inside with like an 80 grit before I glassed the inside.
I have his ROTJ gauntlets. I as well used rivets on the left gaunt and I didn't need any for the right. I just used screws to attach the whip cord launcher and it holds the two shells together. For the inside I used Industrial strength Velcro. Works vary well. Check out TK409's Boba site for some good pics of his. I think there still up. I will get some pics of mine up just to give u an idea of what to do.:D
If you glass the inside of the gauntlets make sure that the heat doesn't warp the plastic. You can use a cold cure resin that will not heatup while it cures. That's what I did for mine and it worked great!

BTW I just bolted my two outer halfs together and used velcro on the inside.

Hmm, I just got a pair of rotj gauntlets from ruffkin and they where not all that flexible, I have to push them pretty hard to bend them to get it inside the other part. Maybe He has recently beefed up the gauge? It at least .125 hmm I dunno hehe
If you glass the inside of the gauntlets make sure that the heat doesn't warp the plastic. You can use a cold cure resin that will not heatup while it cures. That's what I did for mine and it worked great!

What brand of resin did you use?

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Ok, this is slightly tutorial but the question was raised as to how to do the FG. Being the sharing dude I am, I will post the PM that I sent to the one with the question:

PS. The FG turned out awesome!

I have had a little experience now so I can share with you.
If you have gauntlets from Ruffkintoys, they are made from styrene and will warp with heat increases so you cannot use a urethane resin for the FG you need to use an Epoxy Resin. Preferably a cold cure but all of them have thermographic properties.
I found a Fiberglass Supply house here in Detroit that I was able to get my supplies from.
I used a 1-3 ratio Epoxy that is 1 part hardner to 3 parts resin. I just measured them out in cheap dollar store measuring cups. I mixed them in a large paper cup and used a glue brush which looks like a small paintbrush with a metal handle to paint the epoxy into the inside of the gauntlets. They are cheap. Cost like $1.50 for 5 of them.
Now, you only have about 15 minutes of workable time so you have to be sort of quick. I already had my Fiberglass cloth cut into strips so that I could lay them overtop of the epoxy. You then take the glue brush and sort of use a tapping motion to get the epoxy to soak into the cloth. Paint a little epoxy over the top of the cloth as well making sure you get all the little nooks and crannies. You don't want air bubbles so even after the epoxy sets up in your cup, the epoxy on the cloth will be tacky and still setting. spend the rest of the time tapping down the bubbles with a popsicle stick and or the brush until it sets up. Let them sit overnight so that they are nice and hard and then you can trim it all up.
Hope this helps.

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