Which is better, fiberglass or plexiglass?

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I checked lowes and home depot, all they have is plexiglass. Should I ask for fiberglass instead? The only thing I could think to tell them was "3-4 square feet of 3mm thick plastic." I guess I should've done my homework before I asked questions, right?
Do not use plexiglass. I tried it before and it will not end up well. Take my advice on this. if you live in a big city, then look for a sintra factory.
fiberglass and plexi glass are two tottaly different animals. If I remember right someone a while back did their armor from plexi. It should be in your price range and I believe it's close to sintra. That I think might be what you want but i'll let someone else chip in. Fiberglass is really exactly what it says it's small fibers of glass. Making things out of it is a mixture of a fiberglass cloth and a fiberglass resin. (BTW if i'm getting any of this wrong more experienced people just tell me because I'm not shure if I have a clue what i'm talking about) It takes alot of skill and experience to do it right.
InfraFett said:
if you live in a big city, then look for a sintra factory.
I live in the second largest in Illinois. Sintra has been a pain in hte @$$ to come by. What is it, exactly? I heard the it's basically a PVC pipe turned into a flat sheet, right?
It's like a pvc pipe but at the same time not. It has a few different properties. If you know a sign shop anywhere theres a good chance they will have it.
I don't know. I just hear it from other people here. I've considered working with it before. Some of the guys here told me that I'd need to go to a major city to get it.
I really have no idea. I've read that some people go and they'll get scraps for free. I'd guess the max might be around 30. I personaly haven't gone but the 30 figure is what i'm guessing if you're able to buy it to the exact amount you need
Okey.. here it goes.

Plexiglas = Cheap and easy. BUT! be careful when you cut it. Use a saw and with a steady support. If it is allowed to flex to much it WILL crack. You can use a rotarry tool to cut it but chances as you'll just melt it the plastic and make a mess. Plexiglass can be bent by heating it up but again, be careful, it bubbles really easyly when heated to much and too intensly.

Fibreglass = Comes in sheet of fibresmats or incased with epoxy. leave this alone. Unless you are gonna reinforce something or mold something, leave it alone.

PVC = A hard plastic. Kinda like an opage plexiglass but more flexible. It will "whiten" when you stress it too much. (unlike plexiglass which just cracks)

Sintra = A.k.a Foamed PVC (and in certain places FOAMEX). Just like PVC but the it has been processed so there is pockets of air inside the plastic. (on a microscopic level) So the plastic cells are larger than in regular PVC but still has the same properties. Bends easeir than PVC and does not crack. It does however produce a fine dust when you are working with it so use googles and mask. (as should you always) Cheaper, lighter and more worker friendly than pvc. Does however produce poisinous gas when heated so stay in a ventilated room as well.

Good luck!
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InfraFett said:
Do not use plexiglass. I tried it before and it will not end up well. Take my advice on this. if you live in a big city, then look for a sintra factory.

yeah, when I started out I tried plexiglass and I coudnt get anything out of it.
Well, as I said, I found the sintra. But it gives off the fumes, and there'e nowhere in my house that is ventilated enough to work in. Would it work to boil water in a metal pot on the grill? It's just a thought.
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