Which Bucket is right for me?



Ok I tried searching to no avail, maybe because I'm stupid, so please don't flame me too bad if this has been posted already.

Right now I have a Rubies Bucket I got last September and custom painted (pics comming). I got it for a temporarily and decided it is now time to upgrade to my official helmet im going to use. I'm about 6'1 and can't decide what would be best for me, MSH2 or MH. Also I'm working on a SE Fett Costume so the helmet that is closest to ESB would be best. Thank Guys.
What is your height, weight and head size, also do you have a long neck? The rubies helmet tends to make you look like to have a small head, and you can see the bottom of some peoples chin.

Average head size is 22 inches and if so a good helmet is a don 95 if your not looking to spend alot, if not then the mystery helmet caste is the next best thing. there is also the fiberglass don post deluxe, and many people caste directly off of that and sell them on ebay, I dont really like it the dp deluxe. It doesnt look right to me, its not flared at all hardly.


Here is a comparison. to me the mystery helmet is hands down the winner for average size frames, I want one badly.
My Height: 6'1"
Weight: 155
Frame: Lean/Muscular (not trying to brag just trying to get the right fett helmet)
Head Size: 22in

I'm not really looking towards the cheaper helmet. I want the best one for me as I will be spending however long it takes to make it exact to the film. It is my destiny. lol
At 6'1", I'd think a Marrow_Sun or Mystry Helmet, would look most proportionate to you. I'm 5'10", and my bucket's about DP 95'+ size, and it's proportionate to me.
Is there a way to get ahold of a mystry helmet or was it a one time thing?
To my knowledge the Mystery bucket is not available anymore for now! Search the Marrow_Sun!;)

shunned wrote:

To my knowledge the Mystery bucket is not available anymore for now! Search the Marrow_Sun!;)

I check out a photo and it doesn't seem to have the width that the mystry helmery has, you say that it isnt available anymore for now, does that mean the creator might start producng them again, and not to say that the marrow_sun helmet isnt great, maybe it just looked different to me because I have only seen it unpainted. I decided that I want to go with an ESB costume and I notice that the Helmet is much wider than I originally thought.
Now that I have done some research ive decided that I would rather go with hte Marow_sun helmet than a Don Post recasting and try to paint it myself. Where can I pick one up and how much?
My height is 6'0" and my weigth is 180 pounds sorta atheltic build :) and my DP95 is plently big, 22 inch head size.

If you dont want to spend a fortune that is, if money is no object definitly get a mystery helmet. That is in my opinion the best looking helmet out there for our frame size. I have only seen these two helmets in person, I cannot speak for any other helmet though I'm sure there all good.
Ask in the Cargo hold for starters, I'm sure someone could mold you one after the halloween craze is over. Or wiat untill after halloween, I am willing to bet alot of people will be upgrading to something better, lots of stuff go up for sale right after the 31st.
The Marrow Sun sounds good, is there a website or do I have to get in contact with the propbuilder?
Isn't the M_S a fiberglass version of the Mystery Helmet? The creator himself referred to it as such a couple times, and my M_S bucket looks dead on like all the pics I've seen of the original Mystery Helmets. By the way, ChurchBlue, you won't be disappointed in his work, it's awesome.
...I agree w/ceno completely...the M_S is insane!!!...I love mine and I also have an ESB Buckett that is "called" the Mystery Sized or Movie Sized (at least that is what it was referred to as) and they are almost identical aside from the ear piece that holds the RF...

Lewis :D
is the MSH2 good also, I have no skills with propmaking/painting/crafting at all and I ehar the MS requires quite a bit of cutting and sanding.
I have the MARROW_SUN and it fits well and is very reasonably priced.
Here is a pic of me with it on and mind you, the ears are not attached and I thought the flair was nice.


I am 6'1".
I love the M_S. That doesn't go to say that the others are not good but I just wanted to chime in that the M_S was a well crafted and well shaped helmet if you are really looking.

As far as the cutting and sanding, it is all up to the buyer. M_S does trim and prime them if asked but it will cost to have him do that.
I went the cheaper route and bought the raw cast so I could do the work myself but I have seen the ones that he has cleaned up and primed and highly recommend them!
The MSH2 looks awesome also, though it is slightly different from the mystery helmets. I believe it is now being made by FettPride. I've only seen them in pics, but if for some reason I could never again own an M_S or a Mystery, I would go with that.

ChurchBlue wrote:

is the MSH2 good also, I have no skills with propmaking/painting/crafting at all and I ehar the MS requires quite a bit of cutting and sanding.
...this is me wearing my M_S at the rocky horror picture show this past sat nite...i was getting the RF in the down position...kudos to bobo for those RF lights!!!...and churchblue this was my 1st shot at a costume/painting of any sorts...if I can do it so can youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! :D or just start out w/a DP or Rubies and practice, practice, practice...


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