Where do you get sintra


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do you go to Lowes, menards,or home depot? I am using really thick plastic ( much thicker than sintra) but there are some peices that need more sculpting to then than simple heat re heat method. Sure the thicker stuff is more durable ( I play paint ball in my spare suit of Jango) but I want some parts for some other costumes I want to mold specifically stormtrooper shoulder bells.
Are you vacuforming the stormtrooper armor of are you using the "heat reheat" method?

I think most Trooper armor I've seen is usually ABS or styrene.
I am using the heat reheat for simpler peices but looking at the boiling hot water method since I only need 1 peice X 4 to complete my scout trooper armor. But I am also sculpting my own guants. I paid for 1 set of guants ( that never arrived)and am too broke to pay for a second. That's another story though.
I am new to all this costuming and i am making/trying to make a costume for dragon-con and have all the pieces for a jango suit but the armor. so do you buy this sintra and heat it then shape it. If you had the potion of fiberglass would you use it over the sintra. please someone help
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