Flight Suit Where can I find a Jango Flight Suit?


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You will probably still want to adjust the color on it. Achieving the correct blurple color is pretty much impossible with off the shelf fabric.


I got my suit from Arkady. Great communication and also really nice Jumpsuit as well. Its made to measure, has the double sleeves with the attachments for the
hoses of the Gauntlets integrated. She uses a dyed color now for getting near the right tone.


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I went through Evolution Props for mine. I haven't received it yet and I've heard mixed reviews for there stuff but the price was right. I'll post pics and a review of it once I get it.


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Arkady made mine. The color is so close I haven't had the heart to mess with it yet. Her communication and work are top notch!!!!


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Update on that Evolution one that I got. It doesn't fit the legs are way to tight (can't walk) and the torso is about 6 inches to tall. I sent Gabe the measurements that were messed up and I think he is going to make me a new one but I'm not sure (hasn't replied yet) if the next one doesn't fit I think I will cut my losses and go with Arkady.
Jango Jumpsuit 4.jpg Jango Jumpsuit 3 - dimensions.jpg


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Update for the Evolution flight suit (if anybody is wondering). He is sending me another flight suit with the added measurements (at no additional charge) I'll let everybody know how it turns out.
2nd Update the second flight suit fits perfectly I still have to adjust the color and modify the collar and short sleeve to make it screen accurate though.
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