What's the legacy of this helmet?


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I've built the Galactic Supplies helmet, all look good with a lot of rebuilding etc. but I've now found this one on Ebay - Does anyone with superior knowledge in these things have an idea of it's legacy?
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A very bad recast.
Thanks rnbuda, this is what I feared, even the Casio part looks like it's been recast a few hundred times. It's from a two part mould too (for the main bucket) "flash lines..." I'll continue to find an authentic'ish casting. RAK


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I can't help thinking we're looking at a recast of a master replicas helmet or, more likely, a recast of someone else's recast. If you want one of those then there are better quality recasts out there.


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What exactly are you looking for?
The other helmets I have, have some kind of lineage to an original prop, that sort of thing I guess, a casting which is pretty sharpish, not warped etc. I love all the prep work (hole filling sanding etc.) - So something which needs work, as they do, but not shrunk down from over moulding or twisted. RAK