What's happening to TDH board Organization?


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I have noticed more and more often threads being started in the wrong catagories and not being moved to the proper ones. The main case and point are the posts of FS: WTB: threads all over the board that should be in the cargo hold.

I also see alot of threads made asking the exact same question that the thread before it already asked and was answered. Could not these be merged or deleted?

Also, there are a lot of sticky threads that are old and outdated (i.e. links no longer work or images are gone), or they really contain no real useful information. Does anyone even look at them anymore? seems like everyone just skips the sticky's and makes their own thread.

Aah, that feels better. Sorry, I just had to vent. It's just my OCD.
I agree with the above. When I first got here I read all the stickys and alot of the old threads. I wish the pics had been archived somehow.
The admins try and move what needs to be moved when we get time. Remember that we have jobs as well. I normally spend all week online for work with some time to "play" well with my new job, that time has going down. :facepalm To help with the pics not being their, that is why with this forum software we can save pics to the forum.
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