What is a Warning?

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I know that a number of you have received warnings, mostly due to language but some have been for other reasons. This is something new that we have recently started using. Basically a warning is a notice that you have done something that is in violation of the Code of Conduct. By giving you a warning, it allows us to track who we have given previous notice to and to watch for repeat offenders. Please don't freak out if you receive just a warning and think you are in really big trouble, but do know that you have done something that you shouldn't have done and please don't do it again. Thank you!
Heh heh... Like this?

I only gave out gold stars once... but they were very very good. I think it would be pretty tough for anyone else to earn them but hey, you are always welcome to be as good as you possibly can :lol:
ok...joking aside people....i jsut want everyone to imagine boba fett (as in bounty hunter fett..not Logan fett) gettin a spanking....just try and imagine it...

O man, that was fun...

ps, do u have to be a Mod to give out spankings?
I got some warning for some misconduct, apprently for "being to sexy" was the violation. I dunno, im up in arms on this one, but ill try and tone it down.
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