What Era Does Your Custom Exist In?

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I was wondering how many of you have written extensive back-stories for your custom Mandos, and if so what era of the SW EU does your custom exist in? Mine hasn't really started taking a great deal of shape yet as my back story seems to be a series of short stories about how I met characters who inhabit my back story. I think most of mine are around the Vong war as "Mandalore" Fett gathered his SuperCommando's to fight and protect their space and others from the Vong. Then again, I may very well change my mind about the direction of the back-stories...:p I'm funny that way.

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Mine varies; I've created outlines for backstories that take place during the Galactic Civil War, 50 years before TPM, and 50 years after ROTJ. So far, Im favoring the one during the GCW.
starts before clone wars, gets good during clone wars as me mando was a tranier for the.... the clone reject squads.

continues till yuzik vong.. i think that makes me like 100, but Bacta does wonders right!.. and cyber limbs
I got 2 acctually, one during.after the clone wars (along with an RC squad and their instructor, a couple of ARCs, and CTs along for the ride), and the other mando is set about 20-25 years after the Mandalorian Wars, Jedi civil War, Darth Malak, ect, and all that Jazz (I'm tired, worked all, can't remember historic specifics right now). The first one acctually ties in with a long growing storyline that I've been working on for years, and kind of adds to the humanizing of the clone army. Especially the regular Troopers since we've seen so much of the ARCs, RCs, and Clone Commanders (Gree, Cody, ect). The other was inspired from a Mando RPG that I never acctually joined, though I'm still thinking about it once I get some projects finished.

Although I started with tihnking of doing the mando from my first story, I'm not sure which I want to do first. The first one is more multi-purpose type, while the other is more of an aristocrat (sp?) turned regular army. Gotta love the Jady armor8)
Of course the commando ain't so bad either, I'm just not sure.
Grew up during the Old Republic and was orphaned at the age of 13 when Count Duku killed his family. He swore a oath to destory every Jedi he found. To spite the jedi leaders darian fought as a non-clone trooper and mercinary with the Grand Army and the 501st leagon workign his way up to the rank of commander. After Order 66 and the fall of the Repbulic, Darian went his own way and began hunting down Jedi for the Empire. Every day working toward his goal of destorying all Jedi, including the Emperor and Vader.
Sounds like you all have put a good deal of thought into your Mando persona's. Do we have a thread here where those of us creating a custom can post some of our back-stories for critique/constructive criticism? Perhaps one day soon I'll be done obsessing over one and finally think it good enough for others to read...

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I seem to remember one as well but I am not sure. If there is one I think the admins should stickey it to the top so all of us can see it and the new members can check out the back stories on us. If not someone should start us off with one for a full background and maybe one pic to establish a bit of visual understanding.
Mine is inbetween Darth Bane Path of Destruction and TPM. I am also working on a story for a Mando with the new style armor like the Mando armor Cade Skywalker has.
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