Jodo Kast What are Jodo Kast's helmet colors?


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I know a few of you have done a Jodo Kast helmet. What colors did you use? I am thinking I might do a mini Jodo Kast helmet. I just need to know what colors to buy.


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I used Krylon Pumpkin Orange and an Olive Green by Krylon as well.



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Come over to the yellow and blue side......Forget all that you have learned from the green and oranges....Come to the blue and yellow side.....


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I haven't done Jodo, but I've given a lot of thought to non-Boba-but-Boba-inspired Mandos, like Jodo, Fenn, and Tobbi. I do have a Fenn Shysa of my own in materials accumulation and subassembly stages, and an important step fo rme was gathering as close to ESB-accurate paints as I could. Mostly Floquil and Polly S paints for airbrushing, from their railroad and military lines. My take for Jodo:

Undercoat/primer layer for the back skirt: Concrete
Undercoat/primer layer for the rest of the helmet: Reefer Gray (this one's available in a small rattle-can)
Left ear undercoat: Light Gray (one option -- I'm using Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer, which is a light grey colour)
Main colour, cheeks and dome and left ear: Panzer Olive Green
Main colour, back skirt: German RLM Green 73
"Cheekbones" colour: PRR Brunswick Green
Keyslots and frame: Anthracite Gray Metallic
Right ear topcoat: Earth
Killstripes, left ear midcoat, circuit board: Caboose (not Caboose Red -- this is the main colour for Boba's visor frame, reversed out with the yellow for his killstripes)
Undercoat for the visor frame and brow band: UP Armor Yellow
Topcoat for the visor frame and brow band: Reefer Yellow (This is the colour of Boba's killstripes, as well as his knees and shoulders. It gets darker the thicker it gets painted on -- different darknesses for the knees and shoulders. I'd go with something lighter for the visor frame. It's very close to Insignia Yellow, and is the colour I use for my Clone Commander.)

How's that for a lead?