Jodo Kast What are Jodo Kast's helmet colors?


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I know a few of you have done a Jodo Kast helmet. What colors did you use? I am thinking I might do a mini Jodo Kast helmet. I just need to know what colors to buy.

I used Krylon Pumpkin Orange and an Olive Green by Krylon as well.

Come over to the yellow and blue side......Forget all that you have learned from the green and oranges....Come to the blue and yellow side.....


I haven't done Jodo, but I've given a lot of thought to non-Boba-but-Boba-inspired Mandos, like Jodo, Fenn, and Tobbi. I do have a Fenn Shysa of my own in materials accumulation and subassembly stages, and an important step fo rme was gathering as close to ESB-accurate paints as I could. Mostly Floquil and Polly S paints for airbrushing, from their railroad and military lines. My take for Jodo:

Undercoat/primer layer for the back skirt: Concrete
Undercoat/primer layer for the rest of the helmet: Reefer Gray (this one's available in a small rattle-can)
Left ear undercoat: Light Gray (one option -- I'm using Rust-Oleum Clean Metal Primer, which is a light grey colour)
Main colour, cheeks and dome and left ear: Panzer Olive Green
Main colour, back skirt: German RLM Green 73
"Cheekbones" colour: PRR Brunswick Green
Keyslots and frame: Anthracite Gray Metallic
Right ear topcoat: Earth
Killstripes, left ear midcoat, circuit board: Caboose (not Caboose Red -- this is the main colour for Boba's visor frame, reversed out with the yellow for his killstripes)
Undercoat for the visor frame and brow band: UP Armor Yellow
Topcoat for the visor frame and brow band: Reefer Yellow (This is the colour of Boba's killstripes, as well as his knees and shoulders. It gets darker the thicker it gets painted on -- different darknesses for the knees and shoulders. I'd go with something lighter for the visor frame. It's very close to Insignia Yellow, and is the colour I use for my Clone Commander.)

How's that for a lead?

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