Well here's mine so far


Well I didn't think this was worthy of showing off, but Superjedi talked me into it.. This has been an ordeal.. I'm normally pretty anal about everything I do, but being this is the first project I've ever painted and my first time touching an airbrush, I just can't be as picky as I'd like.. Needless to say, this thing has come very close to being drop kicked,thrown off the balcony, and rolled down the stairs, numerous times.. It's made it to this point and then sanded down completely, at least 6 times.. Nope, I couldn't just go with a royal guard or something.. I just had to be a Fett..

Anyway.. :D The green up top is a little blotchy where I tried to patch up some areas.. Not sure what to do about that yet.. Any suggestions? Haven't touched the back or the ears yet.. I'm just happy that it's been at this point for 2 days and I haven't sanded it back down to primer yet.. Although the killstripes are next, so who knows..





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Woo hoo! There it is! Finally. . . *whew*
It really looks great (y) And don't worry about it "looking blotchy." Once you get all the rest of the weathering on there, it'll look like it's supposed to.
Repeat after me: "Sandpaper bad! Sandpaper bad!" :)
Man that looks like a good start to me. Just keep working on it and I think it'll turn out fine. I also think the blotchiness (if thats even a word) will add a little more character and maybe even make for some cool effects when you do the weathering. Just keep going. As soon as it arrives if it is decent enough I'll be starting on my first one. I just hope mine looks as well when I'm at that stage.
Sandpaper bad... Sandpaper bad.. Ok I think I got it.. :)

Well thank you for the kind words guys.. Means alot.. Especially from some of you.. Hopefully the next update won't be pics showing off my primer job :D The rate I'm used to, this could be a very long thread..

I was going to use TK409's killstripe template, but I decided to make my own.. So far, I cut out the stripes on a piece of masking film.. I'll draw the weathered spots on and go over it with masking fluid.. Hopefully that works out.. Still not sure if I want to airbrush it or dab it on though.. It's too bad pastels still scare me..

I'll keep posting pics as I go.. Thanks again everyone :D :D
Btw.. all the thank you's are being saved till the end.. (if the time ever comes)

But, I would like to say thank you to Superjedi,SpideyFett,and AFettFullofDollars, for all their personal tips and advice.. Good people with amazing skills.. I wish I could do what you guys do.. thanks everyone..
2005?? Has it been that long since I've touched this thing? Oh boy.. Well, I've spent the past year or so looking at this helmet in fear.. Picking it up to work on it,staring at it awhile,putting it back down, and then I sit down and watch a movie..

I decided I need to get my butt in gear and finish this off no matter how badly it turns out.. Still scared of the back, but I'm gonna go for it.. (y)

Well here it is again.. over a year later.. all dusted off.. and hopefully will be continued.. If I can only figure out these odd RS color changes that have occured since the last time I looked at them..


For a minute I thought someone resurected a long dead thread, but its the original poster. Glad to see that the progress continues. Looks awesome by the way. You got the colors perfect, and the damage looks very accurate. What more can you want:cheers
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