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Hello everyone, this is the first time for me posting here, and I'm quite glad I've come across your little corner of the web. I'm looking to make a suit for costume parties and overall fun of a robot a la Daft Punk. I'm looking to make a visor piece for the helmet and am having trouble coming across material. I would like the overall look to be similair to sunglasses, tinted so I see you but you don't see me. So far the best I've come up with is cast acrylic (plexiglass) that will be tinted at a window tinter. I'm concerned though that after vacuforming the plastic it will be foggy like a fish bowl and difficul to see out of. If anyone has any suggestions or input as to alternative materials or procedures for working with acrylic it would be greatly appreciated.

I've already come across this thread and has already helped alot.
See if your local Home Depot has a welding visor, thats what I used for my scout trooper visor and it worked like a charm, nice and strong too.
Bringing this back from the crypt...

What plastics are generally used in mass-market visors? I'm trying to make a visor with curves akin to the top of a trooper/fett helmet.
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