Visor Installation


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I've mostly been doing a whole lot of looking around the forum, and saw that everyone said not to scratch build a helmet right off the bat. being a white, adolescent, male, I completely ignored this and managed to cobble together something that resembled a mando helmet (forgot the WIP thread). anyway i tried to put the visor in yesterday and that really didn't go so well. i bought a large visor (i have a big head) from and trimmed it down but it just wont fit in there right. its too thick to bend,it refuses to flush up the the cheeks even after being cut down with a dremel to fit. i also cut the top down a bit, i refrained from trying to heat it because I'm afraid that might cloud the plexiglass. Any suggestions?
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I got some 1/8'' smoke gray acrylic scrap from a place that sells acrylic plastic for like $5. Then cut some thin cardboard to shape of the visor. Then traced it onto the acrylic and practiced shaping it with a heat gun till I got it to the shape I needed.