Best molding and casting materials for a Fett lid

Thanks for your input! When I'm talking about boat hull work I'm talking about doing them in a mold, the gelcoat goes in first then the inner layers so to speak.

Maybe we have different gelcoats in Europe, it's only when using it as a top layer that I know you have to mix in some wax to get it to cure properly.

As a side question, have you tried using epoxy resin for your fiberglass? Will it bond properly to the PU resin? As it's easier to work with indoors that hopefully will be my route.

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For sure man! Oh interesting..hmm i guess its possible something may be different in Europe. Theres also the factor of different brands. Ive only used one brand, which wasnt high end so that may have been the issue, but since ive been using the PU resin as a gelcoat, i havent had an issue so i havent tried anything else. ya know, sticking with whats working lol

Havnet triede the epoxy resin, but i did want to. it was more pricey then the polyester one so i just havent had the chance to mess with it yet.
Yeah, I'm definitely going to try the epoxy resin. Being able to work indoors without a respirator is a big plus if you live in an apartment with no proper garage setup...

great info on the gel coat and resins...i did not know that gel coat had wax in it. Always wondered why my fiberglass stuff was always tacky after casting.
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