Visor material


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Hello guys, i am new to the forum and it already helped me alot. keep up the good work :)

as for my question, i already searched the forums but didnt get a clear enough answer. i built myself a scout trooper helmet with paper and need a nice visor for it. as i can be sure that premanufacuted visors wont fit, i need an easy solution. i dont want to heat-form any hard material so i need some plasiccy stuff..

any ideas?
You could just cut out part of a blister pack. When you buy a cable or something at best buy, the clear plastic case it comes in. I always save those things in a box for scraps to use when I'm building. That's the simplest, cheapest way to do it. Another way that might work for something small (prob too big on a Scout Trooper helmet), would be to just use window tint film by itself without removing the backing. I did that for a Snake Eyes visor, but that had just tiny slits, so there was a lot of material supporting the film. On something big, it'll wrinkle and move too much.

I would recommend you get a sheet of acrylic plexiglass or lexan (much stronger) from Home Depot, borrow a heat gun to shape it, and then cut out your shapes with a dremel. It's tricky because too much heat will make it blurry, not enough will make you snap it in half. Also, the Dremel is gonna get hot and start melting instead of cutting. It takes some practice, but the results will be much better.


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For your visor, why don't you try some clear Plasticard. You can get it easy enough from model craft shops, and it comes in various thicknesses known as "thou" - meaning thousanths of an inch. It's not pricey either.