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What is the t-visor on Jango Fett's helmet made of? I'm going to have to replace the one on my Rubie's JF bucket because it's made too small. Thanks.
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When installing a new visor, should you apply the limo tint before your glue it in or after? What works better and what is the best type of tint so that you can see out but nobody can see in?
From what I've read in other forums, the visor is cut out of a face sheild that you can find at most hardware stores (check any fourum that has "helmet" in the title for a picture.) I'm currently looking for the best tint to use on it.
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You're better off buying a pre-tinted faceshield. I have never tried but from what most say applying limo tinit correctly isnt easy.
You don't use any tint on it. Buy a welding mask, shade 3, dark green. It'll work just fine and it's easy to cut.
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Shade 3? Yikes, is that going to be dark enough? I installed a shade 5 in mine and it was still pretty easy to see out of.
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I'm actually, as we speak, in the process of finishing up my new helmet (pics to come shortly). I am using a #5 green as well, I think a #3 would be too light. How is everyone else attaching their visor into the helmet?
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I'm going to be upgrading my Rubies Clone trooper with mirror tinting, so if someone has the answer to this question, that would be great.


I personally like a #5 green face shield found at your local welding supply store, then you can custom cut it into the correct shape for your helmet.
Ditto on that Mister_Fett_1975

I tried the window tint and it was a pain in the Butt. I could not get the bubbles out.

The welders shield is a heck of alot easier...
Well mine is shade 3 and nobody can see in...I can see just fine at concern is that a shade 5 would be much too dark at night.
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I drove to a friends house one night and vision was great even with the shade 5. The real treat was driving down my block and seeing a car pull over. Naturally, I slowed down and looked over to give them the classic "Fett nod".

2 cops!!!!!!!!!! :eek:
Needless to say, I gave one of them a more than mild shock when he looked through the window. :lol:
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On my first helmet, I used one of the Ebay visors, it was ok, but a little bit of a pain to make it fit into place. It was also a little too thick to be easily reshaped, basically, it all depends on what helmet it's going into. If I had to do it all over again, I would've used the face shield from the get-go. The face shield is a little thinner, so that it doesn't press into your face (if you have a larger head) and it is more easily molded and pressed into position. You don't have to pay shipping on it, and I got mine cheaper than buying the visor on Ebay ($8 at my local welding supply shop). Just my $.02


Mister_Fett_1975 wrote:

I personally like a #5 green face shield found at your local welding supply store, then you can custom cut it into the correct shape for your helmet.

Here's my fear, Why is it called green? I don't want my helmet to turn green in sunlight.

Also, how thick is it and how much does it cost?
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