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I'm a big guy (6'6"tall and wear a 3XLT) and I need a custom made vest that needs to be to me by June 30th so I can have it set up for San Diego Comic Con.

If anyone would be willing to do such a thing for me PLEASE E-MAIL ME: and typ VCL in the subject line to get past my mail filter.

I would like it in a basic Fett or Jango style and would like it to be Black.

If anyone could pelase help me do let me know!!!!

(Batninja is on a mabey but he's rather busy.)

Dha Syntir

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Does anyone have a pattern for these, perhaps a McCalls or whatever pattern that works for our vest? Please point me in the right direction if you can as it would be very nice to have the pattern available. I have a brand new sewing machine sitting downstairs unused-maybe it's time to learn how to use a sewing machine, huh? Maybe I can make a trial run and see if I'm able to make one and go from there...Thanks guys...

Dha Syntir


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GCNgamer128 said:
Give me your e-mail address and I could send you the plans that Ronin made for me. My vest turned out great!

Glad to hear they worked out. You will have to post pics some time.

:cheers (y) (y)