Velcro for Visor Attachment?

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Top o' the mornin' to ya! I ran a search but couldn't find a previous post on this. I'm just finishing up my new MLC bucket (pics coming soon if I don't kill myself before this $#$##$%!#$&^ paint job is complete. I bought some hot glue sticks for attaching the visor but wanted an even easier method of removing the visor if it gets scratched up.

What I wanted to do was stick a number of small velcro strips along the edge of the visor (1" x 1/4") and stick corresponding strips along the edge (inset 1/8" from edge) of the T opening in my helmet. The velcro should hold it well but also allow easy replacement of the visor. Has anyone used this method before?
I used nuts and bolts to fasten my visor. I made a small grove in the fiberglass and epoxied the screws in place. It does not show in this pic put there are screws on each side of the visor.
I basically used the same set-up as mobius, seems to work very well. Velcro might work, but wouldn't there still be somewhat of a gap between the inside of the bucket & the visor?? Also, the nut/bolt method seems to offer at least some support for the mandable area, keeping the verticle portion of the visor cutout strait. (I don't know how your bucket is, but mine seems a bit flimsy without the visor in it, and the verticle portion seems to lean towards the center near the bottom of the bucket) would you still have the necessary support keep the verticle portion strait using velcro??? Just a few thoughts;)If you do go with the velcro method, please let us know how it works out.
I'll give it a go tonight. If anyone here has a MLC-1, you know that the mandible areas tend to close together. I have a nice crack on the very corner of the t-visor area from this. It's "screen accurate" and all but not my first choice.

Failing this, I'm def. going with the Mobius approach. Just got to be sure to not get epoxy on the threads. I already epoxied bolts to both ears and the right ear cover so they are all completely removable. :)

I can't wait to get this bucket together. It's been a damn long road to get this MLC and I have to have my entire ESB Fett complete by Saturday after next. No problemo, right???? :lol:
Well, the t-visor is installed. The velcro is holding rock solid. It's not a super air tight fit but looks great and the slight gap should aid in air flow and keeping the visor from fogging up.
What, and reveal my paint job before it's complete? Nevaaaaaaah!!!!! :lol:

I'm about a day's work away from completing my paintjob. I'll have pics up by this weekend with paint, visor and the whole nine yards. :)
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